Success Through Self Awareness


Yours Truly,
Johnnie Haygood Sr.

Dear Sir:
For the last 13 weeks of this class, I have learned to respect the indivi­dual ideas of some coworkers. I believe they in turn have learned to respect some of my ideas.
I am now trying to convince some of the other members of the group to continue the Group Therapy, at least once a week.
Thanking you,
Harold Eugene Hightower, Sr.
Mr. Haygood:
I would like to congratulate you for learning the arts of the power of the mind and willing to share this power with us.
I, along with many others, will profit from your motivation class now and for years to come. It would be a great asset for your knowledge to be taught to leaders in the business field in order for our young to get a good start in life.
Keep up the good work. It's very inspirational knowing you.
Herman Cunningham, Agent Metro South District
Who are you? And what do you know about yourself? One knows little about one's self, but with a class like Self Awareness, you have the opportunity to get to know one's self. If you would just listen and learn. I would say that everyone living today should go to a self awareness class. Because of an assignment in the class, for one week, my check was over $1,000.00 dollars. I am going to do it again and again.
Nelson Moss
As New York State coordinator for SUCCESS THROUGH SELF AWARENESS, I consider it an honor to serve the community of humanity by sharing with you the SUCCESS THROUGH SELF AWARENESS principles. Once you have taken the program your life will never be the same.
Success can not be measured in dollars and cents, it cannot be given or bought. It must be earned. The SUCCESS THROUGH SELF AWARE­NESS staff will concentrate on helping you become the best of what you want to become.
Peace, Akua, New York State Coordinator
Dear Mr. Hay good:
Please be advised that since you have conducted classes in our district building, here on 87th Street, with your program, "Success Through Self Awareness", your method of teaching has certainly given our district much imputes.
Our people that are enrolled in your class were only mediocre agents prior to enrolling in your program. Now we find that these agents have self awareness, they are able to overcome obstacles, and their selling phase of our business has im­proved at least 63%.
Thank you for all of your help in your program.
Sincerely yours,
Julius B. Collier, Manager
Central District #22
United Insurance Company of America

Dear Mr. Hay good:
I have been conversing with several of Chicago Metro­politan's field representatives relative to your seminars on "Success Thru Awareness." I am most pleased with their thoughts on the 12 sessions that you held. Each of those with whom I talked had nothing but positive views, first in the manner which you conducted each session. Second, your genuine interest in each of the students as individuals and third, the fashion which you caused them to open up and take a good look at themselves. Most importantly the instilling of self confidence, positive mental attitudes and belief in your fellow man.
I was most impressed with the graduation exercise. My pleasure in witnessing the graduation was to hear some students express what the class meant to them. I believe if each applies some small part of what they learned in the 12 sessions the individual and company cannot help but grow. You have my best wishes and backing to start another Phase I session and also to encourage those 61 who just completed Phase I to go into Phase II. Sincerely, James S. Isbell
Vice President/Agency Director Chicago Metropolitan Mutual
'SUCCESS THROUGH SELF AWARENESS" is a collection of motiva­tional concepts that are keystones to the beauty we can achieve in life, if we put them into ACTION. Johnnie Haygood has given you an example on how life can work based upon his incredible journey to inner peace. Read . . . Study . . . Use . . . and enjoy life's journey."
Frederick M. Chivers
National Director
Institute for Motivational and Correctional Programs ,
Lewis University
SUCCESS THROUGH SELF AWARENESS Johnnie Haygood has written afferent, concise book which expresses much that is beautiful and wise for all of his readers; students, teachers, or laymen.
The author explains concepts of personal growth from his philosophical
basis of discipline, peace and truth; he both inspires and motivates one to
improve self now.
RenaKrizmis, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Chicago State University
SUCCESS THROUGH SELF AWARENESS by Johnnie Haygood, Sr. Mr. Johnnie Haygood, has produced a most interesting and thought provoking book dealing with success. He has incorporated much of the most recent thinking about awareness and has added to this a new dimen­sion involving concepts from philosophy and religion. The book will be of great value to not only teachers in the areas of psychology and social science but also to the layman who is searching for realistic ways of learning to cope with life. Bryant Feather, Ph. D. Professor
Chairman of the Department of Corrections Chicago State University


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