Success Through Self Awareness
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Words are the tools we use to build or destroy our relation­ships with people. Beautiful words/beautiful relationships. Negative words/negative relationships. Just as there are flowers, parks and memories endowed with beauty, so are there words like parks, flowers and memories, scented with beauty.
In this chapter, you will find a listing of 20 beauty words. Internalize and use them as you continue on up the road to Success Through Self Awareness.


"Training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character; control gained by enforcing obedience or order."
We discipline our children, other people, and animals, but few of us stop to discipline ourselves. Self discipline is the key to putting oneself on the road to Success. It is necessary to stop, look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself that you can be the person who you desire to be, do what is needed, have what is wanted and live to the fullest of your heart's desire.

When a negative thought creeps into your mind, talk to yourself and tell the negative intruder that you have no time to entertain such lowly thoughts. Using this principle will give you conscious control over thoughts. Remember, wasted mind is wasted time!

"A strong affection for another, arising out of kinship or personal ties; affection based on admiration or common interest; warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion; unselfish, loyal, and benevolent concern for the good of others.
Sometimes we tend to get love confused with lust, desire, and appetite. In doing so, we use this four letter word out of context most of the time. True love is a feeling which makes it difficult to voice with a word. A feeling that is created through an intangible substance that flows within the deepest depths of the human soul. When flowing at its own will, inward peace will bloom from the infinite portion of your heart, as self esteem reaches out to share in the essence of the flow.
When we speak the word love, our thoughts should be much higher than seeing through a lustful eye. Love is more than the fulfillment of a selfish appetite, or any of the purely physical desires that seek to enter the minds of all human beings. When we speak the word love, directly to others, we should know that we have befriended them. This is the love that should be in the world of our thoughts and expressions.
Personal love is two hearts coming together blending their souls into one.


 "The quality or state of being loyal: the tie binding a person to something to which he is loyal."
When we think of loyalty, we think of being faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is due. Therefore, we think of loyalty as the quality of being loyal. Again, we are looking outwardly and not inwardly to the person whom we first must be loyal to. Being true to "yourself will enable us to show loyalty toward our fellow man.
When you discipline yourself, love yourself for being able to accept self discipline. You will be able to know the true meaning when asking yourself, are you loyal to yourself as well as others.

"To be inspired: belief in special revelations of spiritually: something inspiring zeal of fervor."
Enthusiasm is a God given power which stimulates the mind, body, and soul when put in motion toward the better­ment of humanity. When you are full of love, and show loyalty toward others, you will have the desire to be helpful. With faith in your service that you are rendering, a stronger power will show, and the world will know you are projecting enthusiasm. No one will have to call you, an enthusiast; because you as well as the rest will know that you have been attached to a good cause.


"A conscious impulse toward an object or experience that promises enjoyment or satisfaction in its attainment: a longing, craving: sexual attraction or appetite."
To be the person one would like to be, to do the things in life one chooses to do, and to have life's fulfillments, first there must be a desire.
When you have disciplined yourself, awakened the love that is in your heart, very loyal to yourself, and full of enthu­siasm, your desires will burn like fire generating you into action. With out this desire, my friend, you will become or remain stagnant like a motionless body of water, and end up being foul, both mentally and spiritually.


"Outward aspect: a sense, impression, or aspect of a thing: something that appears: occurrence."
When the word appearance enters our minds, most of us can only see from a physical point of view which mostly consists of the material aspects of life that adds to our individuality. Yet, there's much room for us to look further, and see our true appearance we announce each time we speak, smile, be negative, worry, etc., etc., etc. Seeing as much, we will know our total projection is what appeals to other people.
Now that you have disciplined yourself with the thought of love, loyalty floods your soul. With enthusiasm, you have the desire to be that which you choose to be, and your appearance has no need to be expressed by you because it will show through your action.

The blue distant skies is only an appearance.


"The act or process of motivating: the condition of being moved: a motivating force or influence incentive drive."
Motivation is the condition of being moved in a particular direction. Some of us can only move when someone else is pushing us. Either through fear, or from an incentive point of view. When our own thoughts motivate us, we are self motivated, which makes us move in spirit. There is a difference.

Through self discipline, love, loyalty, and a desire to convey a beautiful appearance, you are automatically motivated to achieve that which your heart longs for.


"The act or process of deciding: promptness and firmness in deciding: a determination arrived after consideration."
Before we can find success in any endeavor, we must first make a decision. Decide what it is you want out of life, and know that you can only get our what you put in. If you are to be a salesman, make the necessary preparation that will enable you to become that salesman. Whatever your decisions may be, be firm in making them, and most of all, be honest with yourself.
It is very easy to make a positive decision when you are motivated. Love what you are doing, and be full of enthusiasm, enough to turn your desires into their physical equivalents.
"Not arrogant or assertive. Offered in a spirit of deference or submission."
Some of us feel submission is a weakness, and so we strive to be dominant and aggressive. Bing aware of the fact that humbleness generates strength, and brings peace to the soul, will keep the love that is within, flowing like the essences of a beautiful flower.
Knowledge of self will humble the soul and allow outside forces to by pass your
inner peace.


"Showing kind interest and goodwill; not hostile; inclined to favor. Cheerful."
When we project a friendly attitude, we are stressing an inner magnetism which will shine and attract good people. This attraction will automatically produce harmony and unity. Friendliness is more than just being a friend; it is the glow of our true nature expressing the beauty of its aware­ness.
Be a friend to man, woman, and child; but most of all, be a friend to yourself.


"Fulfillment of a need or want; the quality or state of being satisfied; a source or means of enjoyment; gratification."
To be satisfied is to be at peace with self. Whatever en­deavor we undertake towards success, in essence, we are seeking a good feeling, a satisfied feeling that can only be expressed from within. Most of the time, some of us seek outwardly for this good feeling, when we should be looking inward. We can satisfy that inner desire without stimulation from an outside source. Just know within yourself, that your desires are yours to be realized in living color. This awareness will create an in depth feeling of already having, as your thinking mind brings your mental imaging into physical manifestation.


"Good fortune; property; a state of well being and contentment; joy; a pleasurable satisfaction."
I'm sure some of you have heard others say "happiness only comes at a spur of a moment." Since we have defined the word happiness through Webster's dictionary, and accepted the merits of its meaning, with a little effort on our part, I know we can maintain this state of well being at all times.
Let us go back to our feelings, think about the change of feeling that comes when we accomplish one of our goals. We feel good, just from the thought of achievement. Just as we gained a feeling of accomplishment, we can easily condition our minds through steady discipline, and make feeling good a priority state.


"A moral discourse, a doctrine or system of moral conduct; relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior."
Creation provides us with moral principles to live by. These principles will enable us to love, respect and under­stand the true nature of the universe. In so doing, we will love, respect and understand self, and live in harmony with the world.
This state of consciousness will transcend the thought of right and wrong; wrong doesn't enter the mind when we are aware of our relationship with the rest of humanity.


"Allegiance to duty or a person; loyalty, belief, and trust in and loyalty to God; firm belief in something for which there is no proof. Complete confidence; something that is believed, esp. with a strong conviction."
We as a people tend to have faith in many aspects of life, the different religious concepts, etc., yet we lack faith in our own abilities. When Webster defined: "trust in and loyalty to God," I think he meant your very own God self.
Faith is the strongest motivating factor in the nature of humanity. Without it, you are going to accomplish nothing, and the word nothing is used, as Zig would say, "deliberately, because that's less than anything."

With faith in our abilities, we can achieve any and every­thing our minds can conceive, as long as we are realistic in our thinking.


To lessen the intensity or extremes of; avoiding extremes of behavior or expression; observing reasonable limits."
We are moderate when we have looked at the negative aspects of ourselves in a way where we are able to dissolve their strength and act in a positive manner. Moderation will enable us to avoid an extreme of any sort.


''Tuneful sound, internal calm, tranquility; an interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative for the purpose of showing an agreement."
To be in harmony with self is to be aware as to how one must harmonize. Know your physical, mental, and spiritual self to the extent that you have balanced all three. As we feed the physical part of our being the right food for mental growth, and allow love to uplift our spirits, then we will be in harmony with self as well as the rest of creation.
Through harmony blended with unity, one can master his own fate.


"Act of contemplating: immediate apprehension or cogni­tion: knowledge or conviction gained; intuition the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference: quick and ready insight.
All of our knowledge is known or perceived by intuition. Being aware of such adds to our power to know our sisters' and brothers' feelings. We are able to visualize our goals, and through an in depth insight, we will, somehow, know they will become a reality.


How peaceful would we like to be? But first, what is peace? We have been told that peace is "a state of tranquility; freedom from civil disturbance; freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions; harmony in personal relationships are all a condition of peace.'' How can we find this most precious jewel we all call peace? It's for sure, we will not find it in the material aspects of life alone. It can only be found in the midst of the inner self, and only our thinking will make it so.
Peace be still in the depth of my soul.


"To grasp the meaning of: to supply in thought as though expressed: have the power of comprehension: to show a sympathetic or tolerant attitude toward something or someone."

How many times have you been communicating with another person, and they made a statement which you didn't understand? But yet, you retaliated by saying, "I understand." We do this daily. In doing this, it's very easy to take the misinterpretation, and make something else out of it. To understand is to know what is said, what we are doing, where we are going, and why.


"To consider worthy of high regard; to refrain from interfering with; concern."

We use the word respect very loosely, especially when asking it of another. But have we researched our own conscience for that which the word truly identifies? If not, let's ask a few questions of ourselves. Do we feel and show esteem for who we are, what we are and the difference in knowing or not knowing? Is it possible to attempt respect towards another human, when we haven't acknowledged it towards our own higher self? Do we constantly lie to ourselves, by lying to others? Do we evade the truths that are within us all. Until we learn to be honest with ourselves, and how to live in harmony with self, we can not love and respect our neighbor.
Let's take the R and be Real, the E and be Expressive, the S and be Satisfying, the P and be Paramount, the E and be Eased, the C and be Congenial, and the T and be Tolerant. Then we will know the subtle essences that rest within true
We have now covered our twenty (20) beauty words. As you noticed, all of them are inner related. Make these BEAUTY concepts a part of your new life, and sadness and confusion will no longer be a part of you. Your level of realization will remain high, as long as you dwell within the energy levels of your BEAUTY words.
Some have turned in to the negative frequencies of life for so long, that when they hear the positive broadcasts, it is disregarded, as they tell themselves that we are too old to change our thinking habits. If we would but monitor ourselves, the feedback gathered in the course of one negative day, should be enough to encourage us to change our ways, for better, better, best.


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