Success Through Self Awareness
 CHAPTER 6 - 09:15


Today, more so than ever, we as a people are more interested in what is real and what is unreal. Man has searched the four corners of the universe; made many discoveries concerning the truth, and some of us are still in the midst of darkness when it comes to knowing the truth about self.

From the beginning of man's creation, his mind has been trained, and made to believe so many false concepts until it is somewhat difficult for some of us to accept the true meaning of reality. Therefore, the quality of being true to life has been lost in the wilderness of self.
In this writing an effort is being made to point out some of the facts, which caused us to lean away from The Realities of life. So as you read, give it a thought and look beneath the words. This will give you a greater understanding of self.
When we came out of the deep dark pit of our mother's womb, we had no knowledge of our purpose of life, or for that matter, we knew nothing of our destiny. Unconsciously, from the very first moment of daylight, our subconscious mind started a collecting process gathering all information it came in contact with. Although we are not aware at this point, a pattern is distinctly arranged by those that were before us, and through their training, we are indoctrinated.
This indoctrination, after we have come through a few stages of maturity, permits us to establish different concepts, and we call them our ideas. Yet, the thoughts which we have pertaining to our way of life, are not ours. How can we know the truth of our existence when our minds have been over flooded with different illusions and misleading appear­ances as to the way we should accept our creation.
Some of us look for guidance through various religious concepts; in finding this guidance, we become confused as to what exits we might take when we make our transition from this earth.
We become curious, and probe into the depths of all aspects of the physical world. However, we are reluctant to explore the depths of our very own souls. We should take time to listen to the voice that speaks from within. Not only will we learn how to communicate with self, but we will also realize that all human beings have an objective in life.
With all of our book learning, which consists of the ideas of others, we have yet to learn to yield to our true higher self. We have failed in understanding that we are one with all of life's creations.
Some of us capitalize on all matters; we foster a feeling of selfishness which allows us to tramp on those who aren't as fortunate as we. We make them suffer and call it the way of life. Instead we should face the fact that it is the way of man. We manifest pitfalls for the less wise, while looking upon him with scorn and hating him for his gullibility.
Our only true right, is to know and control our own will.
Yet some take it upon themselves to dominate, victimize and sow a way for vicissitudes among the people. To lift oneself to a higher level of consciousness, we must become aware of our higher self, then will we become properly concerned with our brother man.
We through searching inwardly will see the falsehoods that have influenced our thinking, and drove us out of harmony with nature.

When we are able to face the realities of life, there's no need to be influenced by anyone. We will submit to our own intuitions because a desire to challenge all human concepts will free us from any form of bondage.
We tie ourselves to worldly conditions, other people's opinions, and many other circumstances that hinder the liberation of the soul. In doing so, the will to be free is counter acted with circumvention that makes us suffer from pain and toil. We shouldn't allow an attachment of any sort, with people or situations, to bind us in our thinking to the extent that we suffer when the winds of life go contrary. Life can be lived without pain when the soul is free to fulfill its own capacity.
When we understand the realities of life, we will know that nothing under the sun remains the same. As we listen to the whispering of the high winds, our soul will relax knowing they do not last all day. When we see the greenness of the leaves that are hanging from the trees and the grass turn brown, we will know that evolution has birthed fall and is pregnant with winter who will show its smiling face soon.
When the clouds unfold and release the rain, upon earth's murmuring face, we will not grumble, but be thankful for the opportunity to share the wetness of the rain. When our friends and loved ones act in accord with their nature, we will understand that they are only expressing themselves.
Why should we allow our thoughts of yesterday to frustrate us? They have served their purpose and can not be retrieved,
not even in our knowledge of today. If there were pains in living yesterday, they were for us to grow and have one less pain to endure tomorrow. Pain births knowledge, that will unfold the inner soul, open the treasures of our hearts and give us strength to live love and understand.
So now, this moment is what we live for.
The time spent worrying, complaining, criticizing, and etc., could be very powerful if utilized in a positive manner.
Instead of complaining about the rain, say it's beautiful be­cause it serves just as much to the growth of vegetation as the sun.
Instead of criticizing the young, assist them in finding a better way to enjoy the beauty that glistens from life's fulfillment. Look at the old as wisdom that can be shared in finding the joy that's buried in life's travel.
As I was looking around trying to find a place to initiate a Self awareness class, I decided to stop in at Operation Dare, an organization designed to assist exoffenders in finding employment. While waiting to see one of the counselors, I noticed two of the waiting men had become somewhat irritated by the long wait. One said to the other one, "I wish he (speaking of the consultant they were waiting to see) would come on out of there." The other one looked up and replied, "I can dig it man. I'm tired of this myself." They complained between themselves for another five minutes or so, then one of them spoke out, "Man, pass me that syrup, so I can get my head together.'' His friend politely responded by going into his pocket, and pulled out a bottle. He took the top off of it, served himself a big drink, and passed the bottle to his friend which likewise, he took a big drink. After the chemicals in the syrup began to affect their minds, the both of them lively lifted their heads, and one said to the other one, I'm ready now man, for anything." He became so belligerent that his negative attitude aroused the other one, and they became involved in a dissension between themselves.

First of all, at the very beginning of their waiting, they allowed themselves to become full of anxiety, which is a negative component that builds up tension.
After becoming tensed, they felt that they could cool them selves with the codeine based cough syrup. Instead, it merely added to their irritation. You see, through their disrespect for themselves, their minds were all but destroyed by the negative illusions which established their attitudes towards life, other people and themselves.
Many of us in this ocean of madness lose control of our thoughts and submit to various drugs for mental support not knowing the damage we are doing to our mental and physical beings. When we are intoxicated from any sort of drugs, including cigarettes, we have denied ourselves a healthy mind and body. In doing so, the mind becomes distorted, which allows our morals to dwell on a lower level, as we feed from the negative aspects of life.
When the doors of the soul are unlocked, and truth commences to grow, we will have no need to suffer with pleasure or pain. We will comprehend pleasure as but a blanket to cover our own inflicted pains. It is the soul that weeps when we put pain to sleep with the warmth of pleasure. To know thy self is to release pain from the heart, then there's no need for pleasure seeking!


We need the trees

We need the birds

We need the air that keeps us breathing

We need the sun for its light

We need love more than anything

Man needs woman

Woman needs man

We need each other

We need heat to keep us warm

We need the rain that damper’s the earth

We need love more than anything

We need food to quench our hunger The water to wet our throats We need friendship to harmonize

But we need love more than anything
We need knowledge to make us wise
Faith, to continue our growth
We need obstacles to build our strength
We need love more than anything


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