Success Through Self Awareness
CHAPTER 4 - 07:16


Mature adults do not change until their mental attitudes change. Attitudes change from worse to better, only when a person reflects on his or her own life.
You were asked in the last chapter to regress, to delve into your past. Now that you have, you are ready to observe your new attitude, and see the changes that have taken place within you. With this positive change, you will be able to separate and salvage a positive attitude, independent of life's fluctuating circumstances.

When we were in school, we were taught from a mathemat­ical point of view, that a problem was something to be solved. With the basic add, subtract, multiply and divide principles, it was easy for us to determine the solutions.
The same principles apply to all of life's problems. Each day we are confronted with decisions and indecisions as to what we should and should not do to make our lives better. When a situation seems difficult, we tend to let it get inside of us, to tear us down mentally, physically and spiritually. Instead of letting it get us down and keeping us there, we should stand back, take a good look at the situation, view it for what it is and then come up with the appropriate solution.
I knew a woman, who during the time of our friendship exhibited a jealous nature towards her husband. Being that she was unaware of her basic insecurity, her negative thinking habits fostered a breach in their relationship which led to the eventual collapse of her marriage. In her suspicion, she accused him of things that were untrue.
The husband after a period of time began responding from his lower self and soon fell into the abyss along with his mate. The negative germs spread like proverbial wildfire and before long the once calm affinity of their love became rapidly worse than the dialogue between the sea and a ship when the waters are strongly conversing with the wind. Their lives became a battlefield, destroying all matrimonial correla­tion through the negative diseases spawned by an untrained attitude. Their relationship rapidly disintegrated into one constant war, making them both sick in body and in mind.
Had she taken a good look at her own insecurities and then made an honest attempt to transform them with positive thought, she would have had different feelings towards her husband. So often when a wife thinks a man is seeing another woman, it is just the woman she used to be. The same holds true for the husband who thinks his wife is seeing another man. Had the husband in this situation understood why his spouse acted as she did, his attitude would have remained positive and the relationship could have remained a harmonious one.
So man and woman, when coming together as one, use understanding as the foundation of your two gentleness. To each we say:

1. To maintain a lofty attitude towards your mate, you must first look at yourself, see your doubts, confess them to yourself and rid your mind of them.

2. If there is something that might lead to discomfort, bring it out in a positive and constructive manner, so that you may both grow and not wither from the revelation.

3. Understand that each of you is an individual with a separate mind to think, a heart to love and the will to share. Then, will your lives be joyful, living as one in tune with nature.

4. And remember, "If quitting comes easily, success will not come at all."

In order that we may understand and live in harmony with another human being, we must first understand and live in harmony with self. Know how we want to be treated, and treat others as such. We tend to see things not as they are, but as we are; this makes us have less concern for the other person's thoughts. When we become aware of our own weaknesses in this area of perception and work to turn them into strengths, our inner conflicts will no longer put us at a distance from our true nature, our higher self.
Sharing our worldly belongings, our love, our thoughts, our time with others without the idea of receiving something in return will animate the flow of life within our every endeavor. However, when we give with the thought of receiving, we hinder the mobility of love, and keep nature's innate free expression from blooming into full unfettered maturity.
It is our nature as human beings to share and enjoy the beauty that is birthed from the feeling of sharing with pure motives as our only impetus. Some will give of their worldly possessions, only to control the recipient of our tainted gift. When we are of this nature we are ego tripping, seeking rec­ognition from the receiver. In mind, we are trying to obligate the other person, that we might satisfy our own selfish carnal desires.
I once knew a man, who subconsciously thought that he could not live without dominating his every surroundings. He used his wealth to attract the people he was interested in controlling; he would give posh parties, serve the best food and drink. When the people were in the midst of their revelry, he would stand and speak of his money. It aroused his ego to know that he could host such an august gathering.
The years went by and his finances dwindled down to nothing. The specially catered parties became a thing of the past and his so called friends disappeared; he was left alone in his home with a mind full of hollow yesterday thoughts, pondering why his friends had turned their backs and drifted elsewhere to seek their ribald pleasures. It never occurred to him that the friendships were false from the very beginning. His attitude has seen to that.
You see, when we seek recognition with impure motives, there is an unpleasant ending waiting somewhere down this road of life. However, when we give from our hearts, love will continue to flow, with or without material inducements. Only then will we be recognized. On the contrary, when we pretend, as did the so called friends, we are not a true receiver. Our motives are that of a parasite with only the intention of getting all that's possible, while giving nothing of value in return.
Only when we give from the heart will the reward for giving keep the indelible spirit of love moving through the oneness, which is all of us.
Only when we receive without the thought of deception, will the soul be awakened, and the way opened for the essences of life to waft heart ward, perfuming our entire being with their heavenly scents.

Some of us give to be praised.

Some of us give to pacify ourselves.

But a true giver gives from the heart,

Gives the heart, to keep the flow of true

Love, ever coursing through the soul of all humanity.

When we have benefited through receiving that which is needed, we should show gratitude from the depths of our soul, or we attract our only pleasure from that which is received, thus missing the true treasure of the act itself.


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