Success Through Self Awareness

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It is not enough to wake up, you have also got to get up. I can wake you up, but only YOU can get YOU up.
The purpose of SUCCESS THROUGH SELF AWARENESS is to awaken our listener and readers to the knowledge of their higher self and lower self, and show how to apply this knowledge towards your complete betterment.

SUCCESS is whatever YOU say it is for YOU. And yet, the sincere can easily distinguish genuine SUCCESS from the myriad of impostors, masquerading as the crown of self discipline.

True SUCCESS stays with you, all the days of your life. Of all the roads purported to lead to SUCCESS, only one is the true one. That one is, and has always been: SUCCESS THROUGH SELF AWARENESS.
Brother Joe M. El


Upon, the pages of this book, waiting within these few words, you will meet with Universal Success Principles complete with character building techniques to enable you to search into the deepest depths of your inner self, and find and remove that part of you which has hindered your growth into that spiritually and physically mature person, that you have every right to be.

,As you read, feel compelled to be totally honest with your­self, especially when you discover some negative aspect, dwelling there within you.

As your eyes and mind ride the waves of these pages, you will see the clever faces of innocent evil, imbedded in your thoughts clogging the pores of your mind with an insidious layer of doubt; but fear not, for there within, you will also find the storeroom of your goodness, waiting passively, ready to be called forth into the spot light of life.

After seeing the secret face of your real self, the love which is the core of your very heart, will overpower the false self, evil, and flow throughout your soul bringing your entire king­dom into harmony with the infinite, the ever is.

Sometime after creation, man selected words as the tools to convey his thoughts. In so doing, it was discovered that most words cover a broad area. For example, the word'  Success" covers a large spectrum; yet many of us harbor a very narrow perspective of SUCCESS. In doing thusly, we tend to think that SUCCESS can only be realized through materialistic achievements. Some of us never stop to think that there are numerous passages that can lead to prosperity.

When the knowledge of self is revealed to you, the feeling of that awareness is more powerful than all the material "Possessions" which you now own. Having the material wealth is good, but knowledge of your inner wealth is a much greater treasure. A million dollars can be won in New York lottery, but the only way to reach true wealth is through a thorough search of the inner self.

How can I become self aware?, I'm sure this question has passed through many minds. To unravel this Cosmic Riddle, in these few pages I will share a very unique way through which the human mind can be focused on self, in order to bring to surface that knowledge of negatives and positives, which lies dormant within each of us.

While lending your attention to the unfolding of these writings, please know that a sincere attempt has been made to bring out that love which can subdue all negativity.

As seeds are planted in the earth for growth into maturity, so are ideas inoculated into our minds, and will react from our energies, as the seed in soil will from the earths subtle in­centives. To know means to come into an awareness of that which has been injected into our mind fields. Being cogni­zant of seeds of the subconscious allows us to weed out the negatives and in so doing, the realm of our new understanding will include the jewel called PEACE.

In order to find that PEACE, it is essential that we dwell on the level of positive mental attitude. We are fooling ourselves when we think that PEACE can be found in the wilderness of negativism.
We can have extensive knowledge of the physical world, all the money that our hands can carry, but the only achieve­ment which will liberate the soul from pain and uncertainty is the knowledge of the inner self.

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